Autumn Hair Trends 2017

Do you want a new style this Autumn?


We have created a style guide for the  latest looks in hair this year. 



First it is the Shag, Fringe, Wavy Layers for longer hair.

Long hair is definitely shaped in some way with layers, graduation, shaping and fringes. Fringes are fuller and not whispy. Shaping is defined and used for softness and movement. This is where the waves come in. Movement is the thing… glamours  or beachy.




With Blondes it’s all about tone and texture.

The lob length is still very popular and thats a bonus as it is an easy length to manage, style and keep condition.

Choose foils, balayage melts or strobing. The technique depends on which effect you desire. Tones can me warm or icy. Blend in what you have naturally for the best results.





Short hair is just as pretty.

Textured with movement and length for styling variety. Colour is used to really emphasise the texture and create density.

Work with your natural texture and think of using the straighteners to help remove kinks and unwanted movement a the front. This gives a much more modern look.




So if it’s blonder hair or wavy lobs we have you covered above. The latest short looks are all there too.


Hair can always be made to look different.

These wavy styles are just as cool straight and the short styles can be sleek or textured up with some hair product.

Using brushes and blowdrying your hair differently can give you a variety of looks. Are you any good at styling your hair? We have some excellent articles to help.


Hair brushes and which one to use.

How to use the Blowdryer nozzle.

and a really popular one Common Heat styling Mistakes.


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