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We have a small salon with a big heart. Thank you to these amazing customers who were very happy to tell the world about us.

“I was worried about going shorter…but I shouldn’t have. Kirsten did a fantastic job. I have had my hair done in salons all around the world and I don’t believe I could have got a better job done anywhere else. The whole Absolute Hair team are fantastic. They really care and I feel amazing, thank you.”


“Dayna listens to what you say and what you want… and then adds her expert option to come up with the best result. I emailed her the day I got my hair cut and told her I was thrilled. I am a tough customer I have only ever liked my hair cuts “on the day” from 2 hair dressers, Dayna being one of them!”


“Kirsten is so professional and she has trained her team to the highest standard”

LynHappy Customer

“I’d shout from the roof tops if I could to go to Absolute Hair”

LizLoved the change

” I get really excited when my appointment is due.”

DebbieLoves her salon time

“Visiting Absolute Hair feels like a very special experience”

ShonaFeels great about her hair

“Best hairdressers in Kapiti! After going from salon to salon and dealing with hairdressers on a casual basis, I discovered Absolute Hair! Kirsten convinced me to trust her and since then I’ve never looked back!”


 “Loving the Olaplex treatment I just had, can’t stop running my fingers through my hair!!!! And the colour looks amazing! Thanks lovely ladies at Absolute Hair xxx”


Kirsten and Dayna have been looking after my hair since 2013 and they do an outstanding job - I have never felt better...

Posted by Shona Jaray on Monday, April 11, 2016

“I wanted a very tricky job as Kirsten and Dayna not only had to deal with blending my dark hair to an overall colour but also blending the different blondes, chocolates and bronzes that we had experimented with over the years. We were also concerned about the damage to my lovely healthy natural hair as well.

However, having complete faith in Kirsten and Dayna. 4.5 hours later and WOW!!! Olaplex is AWESOME and I’m wondering why on earth, after spending all this time and money, wouldn’t I want an Olaplex treatment! The condition of my hair was amazing and it was shiny and glossy too.

That being said about Olaplex, I have so much confidence in my stylists’ expertise that no matter how good a product – your hair is only as good as your hairdresser. I could have walked out of that salon looking like a bleached blonde frizz but instead, because of Absolute Hair’s time, energy and expertise – and because they really do CARE about me and not just about making a buck – I walked out of there looking and feeling like a million dollars.

The amount of positive comments I have received has had me walking on cloud nine for the last week. I am SO happy with my new look and SO happy to have found Kirsten & Dayna on the Kapiti Coast after a long and fruitless search to find the “perfect” hairdressers to suit my needs.”


I always look forward to my visits with Dayna. She is a highly skilled, very talented hairdresser and she gets it right...

Posted by Melissa Dickinson on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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